Julie Arkell

There was a lady who walked past our Amwell Street space frequently.

She wore lots of brooches on her jacket and always dressed in many layers of clothes: dress or skirt with apron and cropped trousers underneath. The way she mixed her clothes had a lot of charm and personality which was gravitating.

After a couple of years of secretly admiring her style from distance, one day she walked into our door for a haircut.

This is how we met Julie.

Fast forward a couple of years later, we are very lucky to be visiting Julie's home/studio in North London.




Like her clothes, she clearly enjoys layering things.

Layers of fabrics, stitches, paints, words.... all settle together pleasantly.






'Letting myself be spontaneous is an essential part of creativity for me. I like to see what happens, what surfaces, rather than force my work in a particular way.

Folk art, Children's work and toys are all source of inspiration as I feel they have the spirit of being part of everyday life; being used and enjoyed for their sincerity and enthusiasm.'

(Julie Arkell, Home, 2004)